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#7. E8 Funding

E8 Funding is a global funding provider that is dedicated to uncovering hidden talents within their community. They have a strong commitment to identifying and nurturing traders from all around the world. Their primary goal is to offer exceptional funding opportunities that enable individuals to pursue a career as professional traders.

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At E8 Funding, traders are strongly motivated to excel in their careers. The company places a high emphasis on discipline, risk management, and long-term consistency among its clients. Traders are empowered to earn substantial profits by effectively managing a...

#8. Funded Next

FundedNext, a proprietary trading firm, underwent a two-and-a-half-year development phase before launching their operations. With a global presence spanning four locations, they offer funding options to traders worldwide.

FundedNext prioritizes the success of traders in their trading careers and seeks disciplined individuals who effectively manage risk and strive for long-term consistency. This commitment is reflected in their scaling plan, which offers a substantial cap of $4,000,000. Traders have the opportunity to earn profit splits ranging from 60% to 90%, based on the funding program opti...

#9. City Traders Imperium

Initially driven by the vision of establishing a trading "Empire," City Traders Imperium, also known as CTI, swiftly adopted its core objective. The foundation of this endeavor was based on the notion of empowering traders, enabling them to attain personal liberation and satisfaction.

CTI fosters a culture that promotes financial independence for traders, regardless of their background or origin. Their primary requirement for clients is unwavering discipline and a steadfast commitment to long-term consistency. By entrusting traders with managing portfolios of up to $4,000,000, CTI empowers the...

10. Surge Trader

SurgeTrader's origin story is similar to the countless tales of successful companies that emerged from humble beginnings in basements or garages. In this case, it all started with a discussion among an FX broker, institutional trader, and venture capitalist at a Naples sushi restaurant.

SurgeTrader fosters a culture of empowering traders to thrive in their professional journeys by facilitating increased profitability in their trading endeavors. To qualify as a funded trader, individuals are required to undergo an audition process where they showcase their trading skills and exhibit disciplined...

11. My Funded FX

At MyFundedFX, traders are assessed by undergoing a one-step or two-step evaluation challenge, designed to gauge their trading potential. During this process, traders are provided with a demo account containing virtual funds, and their performance is closely monitored.

MyFundedFX presents traders with challenge programs that allow them to engage in trading activities without putting their own capital at risk. Successful traders have the chance to receive payments based on a predetermined percentage of their profits, all while carrying no liability for the firm's capital. This arrangement enabl...

12. Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding, established by Oliver Newland, that has identified the predominant hurdle for individuals who want to become full-time traders. Newland's goal is to develop a method that allows investors to grow their capital and achieve substantial returns.

The primary goal of Finotive Funding is to provide traders with an expedited evaluation process and an accelerated capital growth strategy, resulting in significantly higher monthly returns.

At Finotive Funding, traders are motivated to excel in their careers. The primary expectation from clients is that they demonstrate discipline and p...