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13. Bespoke Funding Program

Bespoke Funding is a trading firm that specializes in discovering untapped potential within the proprietary trading sector. Their primary goal is to generate distinctive funding prospects for traders across the globe.

Bespoke Funding, a proprietary trading firm, is dedicated to discovering hidden talent in the prop trading industry. Their main goal is to create distinctive funding opportunities for traders providing accessible paths for them to become professional, funded traders who can manage their capital remotely. They allow traders to operate with up to $4,000,000 in funding and offer pro...

14. Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus has emerged as one of the rapidly expanding providers of proprietary trading firms. The growth can be attributed to the diverse range of programs they offer. Their programs are characterized by straightforward rules, generous profit splits of up to 90%, and competitive pricing. The entry level program begins at $12,500, allowing traders to trade with capital up to $2,500,000. FT+ provides trading opportunities in Forex, indices, commodities, and boasts one of the most extensive offerings of cryptocurrencies in the market.

Funded Trading Plus motivates traders to excel in th...

15. Funder Pro

FunderPro employs a two-phase evaluation process to assess the potential of their traders. During this process, traders are provided with a demo account containing virtual funds, allowing them to trade while their performance is closely monitored by FunderPro. As a proprietary trading firm, FunderPro is revolutionizing the way traders engage with financial markets by offering opportunities to trade with reduced risks. They enable traders to earn substantial profit splits by managing account sizes of up to $200,000 and retaining 80% of the profits. Traders can achieve this by trading a diverse ...

16. Blue Guardian

At Blue Guardian, we believe in the importance of having both adequate capital and a well-crafted strategy to gain an advantage in the financial markets. Our traders are motivated to excel in their careers, and we place a strong emphasis on discipline, risk management, and long-term consistency. By providing the opportunity to manage account sizes of up to $200,000 and offering a generous profit split of 85%, we enable our clients to earn substantial profits. Our trading options encompass forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, allowing for diversified trading opportunities.

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17. The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit aims to set a new global standard in trading and investing by providing traders with the necessary knowledge and tools to become successful partners. To qualify as a funded trader, you are required to pass a challenge that assesses your trading skills and discipline. Upon successfully completing the challenge, you become eligible for a profit split on your future payouts ranging from 50% up to 80%. The Trading Pit prioritizes equipping traders with the essential resources and expertise to thrive in the industry and establish fruitful partnerships with the firm.

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Who are The Tr...

18. FTUK

In February 2021, FTUK was established with the objective of enhancing the realm of proprietary trading. Their aim is to provide improved services to profitable traders across the globe.

FTUK motivates its traders to excel in their professional journeys by providing opportunities to increase their earnings through three trading accounts, each with a balance of up to $5,760,000, with the potential for a 3x increase. Traders have the choice between two programs: an instant funding program or an evaluation program. To obtain funding through the evaluation program, traders need to successfully pas...